Basic Top Tips to being Healthy


Article Written By Marcelle Collison IFBB Pro

Lets get back to basics, what may seem general knowledge to some individuals about being healthy…. May be a new concept to others, so here are my

“Basic Health Tip:’’




*Find some sort of activity or form of exercise  you thoroughly enjoy and make it a part of you daily routine whether it be weight training, Zumba Classes, Yoga or pilates. Change up your training to keep it interesting, Get your heart rate up and have Fun – Do It out of Love & Enjoy!!!

*Besides physical benefits being Active & incorporating some form of exercise into your daily routine will improve your general health & well being as well as your stress levels by releasing endorphins… These are just a few advantages but there are many more….

*I see this as “me time”, giving back to myself!

*Burn Calories, Increase your metabolism, balance your hormones!!


Keep Hydrated!!


*Ensure you drink enough water throughout the day to avoid dehydration!

*We loose on average 2-3 litres of water throughout the day by means of sweating, bowel movements and urine so we have to ensure we drink enough to replace and replenish for optimal functioning of the body!

*Conventially we are taught that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day but that would generally vary from person to person depending on your weight & environment….. Generally the average man should consume 2,5 -3,7 litres and the average woman 2 litres – 2,7 litres…. again speaking for myself I am generally a very active person and tend to drink on average 3-4 litres of water a day!

*We can also consume foods high in water such as Cucumber & Strawberries to name a few to assist us in our water intake.

*I like to add Fresh Lemon slices, Lime Slices, Cucumber, strawberries, mint leave into my water to give it a bit more flavour to keep in interesting….

*Benefits to Staying well Hydrated include: Glowing Skin, Regulates your body temperature, Nourishes you brain & spinal cord to name a few….


Nourish your body with wholesome Healthy food!


*Eating small regular meals throughout the day will keep your blood sugar balanced and stable avoiding crazy sugar dips and cravings.

*I would generally have my regular meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Supper and include a Mid Morning and Mid afternoon snack.

*Ditch the Diets and rather opt for a healthy balanced way of eating including Proteins, Good Fats and Complex carbs.

*Avoid Processed foods, Junk food and Sugary foods and drinks.

*Having a healthy balanced way of eating will improve your overall health, energy levels etc

*I generally don’t like to count calories as I find individuals tend to become obsessed with it and its not something you can apply for the rest of your life. Yes I think it can be good on the one hand to be more aware of how much you are generally consuming or even how little you are consuming which would both affect your overall metabolic functioning and change in body composition (Muscle vs Fat).

*Remember if you eat too little  your metabolism will also slow down so its not about eating less in order to achieve your goals…. But rather eat correctly and more balanced throughout the day!

*I would generally recommend stocking your pantry & fridge with healthy foods as we tend to eat whats in our household….. if you need a snack at least it would be something health! If you crave a chocolate or something, rather go out and buy it or go for that delicious meal as appose to keeping junk food in the house! Don’t deprive yourself of those items as its not sustainable long term but instead of eating your favourite chocolate every day, cut it down to once a week or every second week, again small changes over a long period of time will be more sustainable.


Track your Progress…


*Apply a slow steady method towards achieving your health and fitness goals as appose to extreme dieting/ crash diets or ‘’Quick fixes’’ – those aren’t real or Healthy and i find most people that start these extreme diets etc It never lasts long as its not sustainable…..

*Change your mindset from weights or rather change in your body composition as if you are incorporating weight training you muscle mass may increase and on the scale your weight may not change as muscle weighs more than fat. Track muscle vs fat!

*Dont be attached to a certain number on the scale…… My advice: Look in the mirror and feel it in your clothes….. Be comfortable with Healthy vs skinny!!!!


My Advice: Change your mindset about healthy eating and exercise….. It doesn’t have to be boring! Make Healthy decisions Every Day that will ultimately get you feeling better, Give you more energy and confidence and lead you towards your ultimate goals!!


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